[avniR] works with different sectors, universities, public authorities and consultants in Northern France to help mainstream life cycle approaches to increase economic competitiveness and encourage sustainable production and consumption practices in the region. They launched four pilot studies to develop LCA/ecodesign implementation plans in the textile, mechanic, seafood and packaging sectors in 2011. They hold an annual international LCA Conference, bringing together businesses, public authorities and experts from around the globe.
[avniR] is organising the first global Life Cycle Management Academy with the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative in November 2012, reinforcing its engagement to advance practical application of Life Cycle into businesses, making the most of regional action and international sharing.


CD2E is a French environmental cluster which brings together SMEs, laboratories/universities, local authorities, eco-friendly companies to work together in order to develop new eco-technologies and environmental solutions in many thematic such eco-building, recycling, water management, energy efficiency and sediment management.

This non-for-profit association represents more than 600 ecoenterprises and 60 laboratories working on environmental field in Northern France. It recently celebrated its 10th year of operation and is a member of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association. CD2E launched their first Life Cycle activities in 2007, undertaking a study with a local authority to adapt their public works procurement policy according to the life cycle impacts of road materials and starting work to develop a LCA database for eco-materials.

In 2008 they started the INTERREG NWE project CAPEM Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-Materials, as lead partner, and in 2009 the cd2e integrated life cycle thinking into its core activities through the development of the [avniR] life cycle platform.