BASQUE COUNTRY - Construction projects


Performance of simplified LCA s to measure the embedded energy and the carbon footprint of 4 buildings with "passivhaus" standard. The results have contributed to the choice of materials and execution of work of other "passivhaus" houses. [Download the case study] 

Development of an ad-hoc excel tool which quantifies the consumption of material, embedded energy, carbon footprint and potential recyclability of the construction projects. With the tool the SME has identified the significant environmental aspects and has saved 15% of raw material in a real project. [Download the case study]
In order to reduce the environmental impact of the urban planning projects, G&C has developed a tool to calculate the carbon footprint and embedded energy with the particularities of urban projects where the critical phases are design and execution. [Download the case study] Development of a map of processes in order to implement the LCA criteria in every activity of the company. The pilot project has analysed the different insulation materials available and optimised the installations and the possibilities to reuse/ recycle. [Download the case study]