LCiP Awards Wallonia 2016

In Wallonia, the award was organized by GreenWin in association with the Belgian Award of the Circular Economy, which was held on May 19 2016 at the University Faculty of Gembloux during the Circular Economy Fair EcoCir 2016 (

The Jury was particularly attentive to the implementation Life Cycle approaches and the concrete impacts of the approach in economic, social and environmental terms, as well as the innovation, exemplarity and potential replication of the project.

The finalists were announced in presence of:
  • Mr. Louis AMORY, President of GreenWin and Administrator of the construction company "Maisons Blavier"
  • Mr. Didier GOSUIN, Minister of the Brussels Capital Region in charge of Economy and Employment
  • Mr. Eric HAUBRUGE, Vice Dean of the University of Liège
  • Mr. Jean Claude MARCOURT, Vice President of the Walloon Government, and Walloon Minister of Economy, Industry, Innovation and the Digital Economy (Cristopher SORTINO, advisor at Minister Marcourt's cabinet)
  • Mr.Vincent SAMPAOLI, Walloon MP 
  • Madame M.M. SCHYNS, Federal Minister for Education
For the Construction Category  
MCB Atelier, Brussels 
MODS are an innovative and Belgian interior design solution for events, shops and theatres. The structure developed by MCB is modular, easily adaptable to different development needs, and is fully reusable. Panels are combined to build interior decors such as walls, stages, bleachers, and many other kinds of structure for permanent or temporary installations. The solution is rented out rather than sold, in order to facilitate the work of event organizer or shop, who is not burdened with assembly and disassembly of the structure. Material is recovered by MCB and re-used for other solutions.
More information on the MODS solution produced by MCB Atelier is available on their Facebook page and on the website of UCM Ecodesign.
The Jury particularly appreciated:
  • Evolutive and modular solution in a sector confronted with short life-span and limited end-of-life recovery.
  • Implementation of the Functional Economy model, replacing the sale of a product with a service provision, allowing for extensive re-use and value recovery.
  • Local production and sourcing for the 100% Belgian product.
  • 100% recyclable solution
From left to right: Louis Hennart, student at ESA St Luc Liège Arts school, and designer of the LCiP Construction category trophy; Cristopher Sortino, advisor at Minister Marcourt's cabinet, Julien De Visscher, MCB Atelier 
For the Waste Management / Recycling Category
ROTOR, Bruxelles

Since 2005, the reuse of building materials drives all projects of ROTOR. What was initially a pragmatic strategy of urban development or design projects quickly became a full-fledged subject that has been treated in different ways: as designers, but also through research projects, mandates commissioned by exhibition curators, or again assistance mandated by contracting authorities. Recently, ROTOR has also launched a new line of business in dismantling and resale of reusable construction materials: Rotor Deconstruction.
The Jury particularly appreciated:
  • Original, innovative, and efficient business model
  • Full ecosystem implemented among the different activities of the organisation
  • Mature, tested approach with demonstrable results
  • Closing the loop of the circular economy is at the heart of the approach
  • Wide range of tools that have been put in place over time to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.
From left to right: Fiora Noël, student at ESA St Luc Liège Arts school, and designer of the LCiP Recycling category trophy; Cristopher Sortino, advisor at Minister Marcourt's cabinet, Lionel Devlieger, Rotor ASBL
Greenwin would like to congratulate and thank the students of the ESA St Luc Liège Arts School, and in particular the two winners, for their engagement in the LCiP project and their creativity in the production of trophies.