International success and outstanding results of the LCM 2015 call for abstracts

More than 600 contributions from 44 countries! Many thanks to those of you who contributed to this exceptional number of contributors (including 15 of the Nord-Pas de Calais region, 139 French contributions, 220 European and over 50% from non-European countries). "Life Cycle Thinking" is not far from mainstream! It is now time for the Scientific Committee to select papers for platform or poster presentation in different sessions. Below we provide a zoom on 3 sectorial approaches for Life Cycle Management link to the [avniR] platform European LCiP project.

LCM for building & construction and public infrastructure
Tuesday 1st September – 4pm to 6.30pm

KEYWORDS: building, construction, public infrastructure, cities

The construction industry is one of leading sectors in LCM. In the same time the approach is progressing from building vision to other scales (Ex. cities and regions). The aim of this session is to bring forward those on going initiatives on building, construction and public infrastructure. In addition the extension of LCA to other scales (Ex. designing sustainable cities).

59 contributions received


LCM and the end of life of products and materials 
Wednesday 2nd September – 2pm to 3pm

KEYWORDS: recyclability, end of life, design for recycling 

As a growing demand to reduce the waste and eliminate the landfill, new targets are established in industry to increase the reuse, recycling of products. Therefore the End of Life of products take momentum in LCM. Actual reliable approach to calculate recyclability are currently missing for most of the product groups. Integrating relevant recyclability criteria based on real industry cases will help to minimize misleading decision making. The aim of this session is to discuss the End of Life LCM approach. This session would be an opportunity for companies of various sectors to present their actual approach regarding Design for Recycling. 
38 contributions received


LCM in the energy and electricity sector

Wednesday 2nd September – 11am – 12.30 am

KEYWORDS: energy, electricity, attributional, consequential, retrospective, prospective

Electricity supply is frequently cited as a significant hot spot in LCA results. Despite its importance, however, LCA practitioners continue to overuse generic LCI data and different simplified methodologies regarding electricity supply modeling. Such simplifications and inconsistencies can result, as an example, in difficulties to compare the findings of various studies.

The session is open for contributions highlighting issues on electricity supply modeling, methodological choices and data set selections; all having a significant impact on LCA and consequently, LCM results. Attributional and consequential perspectives as well as systemic aspects of the electricity sector are also supposed to be reflected during the session, which is expected to summarize the key issues and provide suggestions on how to approach such problems.

The session chairs hope that this will lead to an inspiring overall exploration of challenges and opportunities of LCM and LCA on electricity!

39 contributions received


Other sectors like chemicals and materials, food and beverages, transport and mobility, textiles, etc. together with a session on European and French environmental labeling and life cycle management in SMEs are organized. Discover the 37 sessions.

Join us from the 30th August to 2 September 2015 at the International LCM Conference 2015 in Bordeaux, more than 600 players are expected!