The LCiP partners visit Gamesa to find out about the environmental roadmap of this leading company of the global wind industry

The partners of the European project LCiP have learned about the experience of the company Gamesa when incorporating environmental criteria in the comprehensive management of the company.

Iñaki López, Director of Safety and Health and Environment of Gamesa, has been responsible for managing the visit by providing detailed explanations of the roadmap of Gamesa in environmental matters from mid 2000 until today. During the meeting it was discussed how environmental considerations have been integrated in the definition of the product itself and how Gamesa has become the first renewable company in the world to certify the first wind turbine in Ecodesign in the world.


Indeed thanks to the ecodesign approach, wind turbines have been developed with minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle, setting standards for continuous improvement in product design.


The visit took place on March 12 and here Gamesa answered all the questions and issues raised among members of the consortium of the European project LCIP. The LCiP project, whose areas of interest include renewable energy, is keen to act on the supply chain of companies such as Gamesa which mobilize small and medium size companies.