Presentation of the Passivhaus standard for nearly zero energy buildings

On June 25th, the Passivhaus Building Platform (PEP) organised a conference in Bilbao in order to provide designers and building companies with information regarding the the standard "Passivhaus" for nearly zero energy buildings.

The Conference started with an introduction to the history and basic concept of Passivhaus and then the speakers described in detail three real projects of different types including residential buildings, commercial ones and even refurbishments. Through these brief presentations the most relevant aspects to design and implement a passive building were explained. The measures implemented to achieve the standard, both for energy savings involved and their economic impact were also quantified. During the Conference, the advantages of building in a passive key or nearly zero consumption were also explained, these being mainly business-oriented and linked to how they are designed, but without neglecting the competitive advantage that presents the impressive levels of comfort and well being provided by the Pasivvhaus standard in the daily lives of its users.

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