Study results: Monetisation of the MMG (Environmental Material Performance of Building Elements) method

Objective: the analysis in Debacker et al. (2012) indicates that the monetisation step can have a big impact on the (aggregated) MMG* results. Monetising impacts both reveals the uncertainty inherent in LCIA and adds uncertainty. In 2013-2014, the monetization step was developed, especially to make the approach consistent with the indicators used in ILCD recommendations and CEN guidelines, and to clarify and narrow down the uncertainties.

This note describes the methods and data used to monetise the LCIA impacts as a further development of the approach used in MMG2012 (Debacker et al., 2012). First, some general changes to methods and data are discussed and in second, for each impact category the approach, data and results are analysed. The focus of the study is centered on new developments (i.e. MMG2014) compared to MMG2012, and refer to previous studies for the details.

*Milieugerelateerde Materiaalprestatie van Gebouwelementen: Environmental Material Performance of Building Elements

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