[avniR] participates as partner in “consom'attitudes” exhibition!

The consom'attitudes exhibition opens its doors in the Science Forum in Villeneuve d'Ascq, from 2 April until the end of December 2016!

The exhibition aims to provide tools and knowledge leading the public to question their consumption patterns:

-                 Which consumer you are?

-                 What products to choose?

-                 How to react in sustainable way and reduce environmental impacts, and thinking of health and welfare?

Five world and four workshops are proposed to become an actor of change!

To discover on site: four eco-designed products by region of Hauts de France, winners of the [avniR] Ecodesign prize!

Ready for the journey to the eco-consumption and eco-design universe?

More information: http://avnir.org/EN/fiche-actualite/126/-avniR-participates-as-partner-in-consom-attitudes-exhibition-