The 2015 European Circular Economy Conference will take place on 5th March at the Stanhope Hotel in Brussels.

It is now widely agreed that the take-make-consume and dispose (linear) model global economies are based upon is no longer viable when taking into account population growth, resource access and scarcity. First Vice-President Frans Timmermans recently confirmed that the Circular Economy package, will not, in its current guise, form part of the European Commission’s 2015 work programme, the EU executive believing that ambitious revisions are required.

This has given increased energy to the debate around what role the EU should play both within Europe when seeking to encourage investment, innovation and jobs, and globally in setting standards and forging pathways to sustainable economic growth.

This Forum Europe conference therefore comes at a critical time as policymakers and stakeholders reflect on how best to deliver economic growth in a resource limited, environmentally challenged context.

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