GreenWin is one of the six competitiveness clusters recognized by the Walloon government, focusing on environment friendly technologies. 

Its mission is to stimulate networking and collaboration between its members (businesses, universities, research centres and training organisations) to foster economic development in Wallonia. It is a non-profit organization funded by membership fees and regional subsidies.
GreenWin’s activities focus on 4 areas:

  • Stimulating collaborative R&D and innovation projects between businesses and research organisations.
  • Identifying training needs for its business members, and organizing training in response.
  • Developing projects to mutualize infrastructure /competences in the collective interest of its members.
  • Raising the visibility of the cluster internationally.
  • GreenWin’s strategy is focused on clean technology innovation along the whole life-cycle of materials, with members coming from the chemical sector (green chemistry and the replacement of oil by renewable feedstocks), construction sector (sustainable buildings), and waste management sector (valorization of effluents and end-of-life recycling).
The life-cycle philosophy has been central to GreenWin since its creation and they have undertaken the following actions in relation to this:   
  • Coaching partners of collaborative innovation projects to integrate a LCA work package into their project plan
  • Organizing a 2-day training program on LCA to innovation project coordinators.
  • Organizing an LCA-awareness conference aimed at business executives
  • Gathering detailed information on LCA specialists/ consultants who can provide support services to businesses in the region
  • Discussing with universities integrate LCA concepts into their teaching programs.