4 winners announced for the 1st LCiP Awards 2015 100% dedicated to Life Cycle approaches! 

The LCiP Awards reward the best Life Cycle approaches in organisations which come from four European regions (Basque Country, Nord-Pas de Calais, Portugal and Wallonia).
The winners of each region were announced during the international conference on Mainstreaming Life Cycle Management for sustainable value creation LCM 2015 (650 participants).

Winner for Belgium (Wallonia) 
Eloy Water's flagship product Oxyfix®is a new generation of compact, reliable and low-cost waste treatment system. The company developed a quantitative and qualitative LCA approach in order to evaluate the potential impact related to environmental burden, human health and use of abiotic resources. Conclusions led to a complete adaptation of the process and means of production resulting in a significant reduction in all environmental impacts and in production costs.

Tillieux menuiserie


Reawin Tip Tep
Tillieux menuiserie
Tillieux Menuiserie boosted its economic activity based on the passive house concept. The products are designed in line or ahead, of the thermal regulations. Reawin window offers high thermal performance in the refurbishment of building, including the insulation of historical monuments.


 Winner for Portugal

Costa Verde

Minimum (porcelain tableware) product, developed using eco-design methodology. Multifunctional set from fridge to the table made of 100% recycled material. 16% reduction of the thermic energy, 100% reduction in raw material, 30% reduction in waste and 16% reduction of GHG emissions.




Hirilan offers a full architecture service and presents the project where they first implemented ecodesign. It is the design of 3 residential buildings housing 12 dwellings each. For this project, they reconsidered the materials used and achieved an 8% reduction, they redesigned the buildings to achieve a reduction of energy consumption of 33% and they reviewed the installations to achieve 31% of water savings. The ecodesign methodology is now used in the day to day activity of the company.