The Steering Committee of the LCiP (Life Cycle in Practice) European project meets in Bilbao in March

The partners of the LCiP project met from the 11th to the 13th of March in Bilbao in order to monitor the project’s progress and build on the following steps.

LCiP (Life Cycle Practice) was specifically designed with the aim of promoting the adoption of Life Cycle approaches by SMEs in the renewable energy, construction and waste management sectors. The project is co-funded by the LIFE + programme of the EU and is being developed by cd2e in France, GreenWin in Belgium, Prospektiker in Spain and LNEG in Portugal. 


The project began in September 2013 and now half way through, it is time to sit down and evaluate what route to be traveled. The most imminent project milestones are the launching of the online resource centre, the training and the pilot projects to be developed in SMEs in the 4 regions involved in the project.


The European Commission sent to Bilbao two evaluators from the Neemo agency in order to assess and monitor the project. 


The next meeting of the Steering Committee will take place in late August in Bordeaux, on the occasion of the celebration of the conference LCM 2015 (