Build Upon, a new project for rehabilitation

The European Network of Green Building Councils has launched an energy rehabilitation project with the amount of 2.35 million euros. The Build Upon will last two years and aims to support governments in developing rehabilitation strategies of existing buildings, in line with the laws established by the European Union.

The project, funded by the Horizon 2020 program, will guide the design and implementation of a long-term framework to increase deep energetic rehabilitation in 13 European countries (Italy, Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, Sweden, Latvia, Bulgaria, Finland, Slovakia and Croatia)


The project results will be introduced in the strategies v2.0 renovation of the building of these territories, required by the European Directive on Energy Efficiency.


Initially, the idea is to map a network of over a thousand stakeholders, rehabilitation initiatives in progress and the level of knowledge. The Green Building Councils will, for this purpose, work hand in hand with governments and cities to encourage a dialogue over a year with the stakeholders in order to replicate best practices across Europe.


This project is intended to be also a way to reduce CO2 emissions in Europe, promote job creation in the construction sector and improve the quality of the built environment.