Solfalca publishes the Environmental Product Declaration for their Insulation Cork Board

The first Environmental Product Declaration under the Portuguese EPD System for the Habitat has recently been published. The product declared is an insulation cork board.

The ICB is a product manufactured from expanded cork in the form of insulation slabs, used in buildings, construction equipment and industrial installations. The assemblage of the cork granules is the result of the volumetric expansion and exudation of cork natural resins, by the action of temperature transmitted by a thermal fluid (steam). The granulate produced does not contain any other type of adhesives and additives and is solely made of cork. For this reason it is called also for pure agglomerated cork. The ICB is produced in blocks that suffer a finishing process by sawing - the blocks are trimmed and sawn. The finished product presents on slabs with various thickness, in accordance with the intended function of each application.