EERA Conference 2016, Birmingham (UK) 24-25 November 2016

The event will be organised in collaboration with our colleagues at UKERC and the Energy Research Accelerator from the UK Midlands area who will host the conference. You can read the warm welcome we have received from Professor Martin Freer, Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute, here.

The EERA conference replaces the EERA annual congress that we have traditionally held in Brussels as the yearly event to discuss the development of our joint programmes. Moreover, the conference will be a forum for our researchers to discuss low-carbon research with their scientific peers. Nick Eyre, UKERC member of the EERA Executive Committee, explains:

We expect the conference to become a platform for the many researchers active in EERA to exchange ideas about ongoing research as well as how to develop our joint programmes. It is part of creating a vibrant European-wide community of energy researchers

A call for proposals for parallel sessions is currently open for all EERA members.


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