PORTUGAL - Projets de construction


Analysis of the sustainability profile of the Luxor bathroom furniture with the SInnDesign DfS checklists developed by LNEG, to identify the hotspots in the product and improvement opportunities, using a Life Cycle Approach.
The project promoted a deeper knowledge about LC approaches and a systematic application of the methodology in the development of new and more sustainable products. [Download the case study]

The project consisted on the performance of LCA studies: average bituminous membrane (cradle-to-grave) and 3 top selling membranes (cradle-to-gate) using SimaPro and Ecoinvent, the comparison of the results with (i) the European EPD of bituminous membranes and (ii) the application of the BWA On Line CA Tool, in the review of the environmental policy and integration of LC considerations in new product development and finally the identification of improvement opportunities. [Download the case study]
Performance of two LCA Studies for the silicate water-based SILIÁQUA paint (cradle-to-gate). ARGACOL gained knowledge about LCA software and tools, and also capacity to understand and use the results to perform better in terms of environmental solutions to their products. [Download the case study] Determination of the environmental impacts of the Keraflex Maxi S1 product, (grey and white versions), in order to prepare a draft Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The project resulted in a cradle-to-gate LCA of the product, in the compilation of all documentation with the aim of supporting the development of the draft EPD and the analysis of how the EPD scores in the Portuguese LiderA System.                                                 
 Development of an LCA (cradle-to-gate) for the product Madremax®, to determine the main environmental impacts associated to raw materials and production, and identification of improvement and communication opportunities. [Download the case study]