A web-based building products environmental impacts comparison tool: CAP’EM COMPASS

A group of independent organizations from 5 countries of North West Europe has developed a web tool based upon European and International Life Cycle Analysis standards and methods. This tool, CAP’EM COMPASS, makes it possible to pick out building products based upon their environmental impact.

CAP’EM compass: meeting point of LCA experts and building actors 

CAP’EM COMPASS is an online tool for choosing building products and comparing their environmental impacts.

It enables the user to:

                    Find and shortlist products for their application in the building,

                    Choose construction products based on the user’s preferences,

                    Compare the footprints with each other and conventional building materials,

                    Add on the delivery-to-site impacts.


The CAP’EM COMPASS is now ready to use, on www.capemcompass.eu. The User’s Manual and many other informative documents are available on www.capem.eu !

The CAP’EM Method

The CAP’EM Method is an affordable, harmonized Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) method and is at the core of CAP’EM COMPASS. Based on the method calculations are made to present the environmental impact of building products and generic materials. The CAP’EM method is based on European and International Norms and standards, and is applicable in all European countries. The information can be used to make an Environmental Product Declaration to meet Construction Product Regulation requirements.