IHOBE collaborates with Prospektiker in LCiP to promote within Basque SMEs the implementation of life cycle approaches

IHOBE, the environmental agency of the Basque Government, has signed a collaboration agreement with Prospektiker to actively participate in the Life Cycle in Practice project of the LIFE + programme which is currently being developed by 4 European partners, including Prospektiker.

LCiP (Life Cycle in Practice) was specifically designed with the aim of promoting the adoption of Life Cycle approaches by SMEs in the renewable energy, construction and waste management sectors. The project is co-funded by the LIFE + programme of the EU and is being developed by cd2e in France, GreenWin in Belgium, Prospektiker in Spain and LNEG in Portugal.


Among the actions planned under the project, there are synergies and points in common with the rationale of IHOBE and some of the activities that are performed by the Basque agency in its quest to promote a culture of environmental sustainability. By signing the agreement, efforts are joined in order to put at the service of Basque companies a greater number of tools and mechanisms to facilitate the implementation of more sustainable actions from an environmental, economic and social point of view. Thus, IHOBE will support Prospektiker in various activities such as the contrast and validation, the capacity building and the dissemination.


In the sectors of renewable energies and construction, the LCiP project includes a training phase to companies which addresses issues such as: the life cycle concept; examples of life cycles of products from construction, renewable energy and waste management sectors; Drivers for companies, life cycle and the circular economy; life cycle assessment: what is it, different methods (including footprints), what kind of results they provide, limitations; life cycle environmental communication (labels, EPD’s, reports); ecodesign; EMS and the new ISO14001; Green purchasing, etc.


In the coming months, IHOBE will support Prospektiker in the organization of these training activities in the Basque Country which will be designed to be taught in different sessions adjusted to the target audience, SMEs, as well as to specific sectors or branches of activity.