Prospektiker attends the Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2014

The Basque Ecodesign Meeting gathered this November 17th in Bilbao around 300 companies and leading experts in ecodesign. The event counted with a total of 80 speakers both in plenary session (with Michele Galatola’s presence from the European Commission) and in eight parallel workingCheap Christian louboutin Christian louboutin outlet sessions.

This is an international event that brings together leading companies with extensive experience in the application of ecodesign approaches, public administration as a catalyst, university and many other specialists in this field.


The parallel sessions focused on the topics listed below and Prospektiker attended session 1 and session 8 due to the relevance to the projects Prospektiker is currently working on: LCiP (Life Cycle in Practice) and SinnDesign (Sustainable Innovation through Design).Session 1. New integrated ecodesign methodologies: from Life Cycle Costing to Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment.

      Session 2: Ecosystem Services and Business: tools, prospects and opportunities it presents.

      Session 3. The role of SMEs in ecodesign.

      Session 4. End of life and integrated management systems: opportunity or threat for ecodesign?

      Session 5. Marketing and Ecodesign: how to truthfully disseminate environmental information to consumers. Market instruments.

      Session 6 Ecodesign applied to the mobility sector: Ecoinnovation applied to transportation.

      Session 7 Ecoinnovation in the food sector: integrating sustainability in the value chain.

      Session 8. Sustainability in the Habitat Sector- Habic: Cluster of Equipment, Machinery and Design of the Basque Country.