Towards eco-transition: these businesses and actors who make a difference

The catalog of eco-transition "The transition is here" by cd2e

A catalog by businesses and actors ...

The purpose of this tool is to highlights the many local expertise in Nord-Pas de Calais Region, and show to the world the dynamic of "commitments" make by each of these actors and entrepreneurs towards eco-transition.

Released at Paris during the COP 21, to the whole national and international network of cd2e and its partners, this catalog gives the floor to actors (industries, SMEs, consultant, craftsmen, NGO, communities, etc.) whose are involve and act every day to redefine the uses, valuing resources, developing new ways of producing and innovating! Nearly 50 companies and more than 10 partners have contributed and got involved in this first book.


... For a reconversion of our economies towards new models

In the editorial, Christian Traisnel, Director of cd2e and Jean-François Caron President of cd2e indicate that " Changing the current economic model has become a global concern and is recognized universally. This will be a gradual change, however the reinvention of our economies must obviously accommodate for all known environmental impacts, and give attention to the new societal challenges and build on new forms of innovation.”

Thus cd2e given by this catalog:

- The key to better understand and grasp the new economic models: the circular economy, the performance economy , the collaborative economy and the Life Cycle Thinking,

- The feedback and commitment of businesses and actors of Nord-Pas de Calais,

- Contacts of the partners involved alongside cd2e to this eco-transition in Nord-Pas de Calais,


These businesses are making the eco-transition happen…

The catalog: