Videos are now available! Experiences with 32 European SMEs

Life Cycle Thinking in Building, Renewable Energy and Waste Management Sector 32 SMEs in the Hauts-de-France region, Wallonia, Portugal and the Basque Country were coached to integrate the Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) in their business practice in the European project LCIP (Life cycle in Practice). An opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of their products and services over their entire life cycle and in three sectors: construction, renewable energy and the recycling sector.

They now reflect about the environmental, social and economic improvement following this unique project!

Life Cycle Thinking

The "Life Cycle Thinking" includes the concepts of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), eco-design or environmental labeling. These concepts emerge increasingly in business and can meet the challenges facing economic sectors. Companies face, in fact, legislative and commercial expectations encouraging them to continuously improve the use of resources and reduce the environmental impact of their processes, products and services.

Life Cycle Thinking in building sector: Experiences with 16 European SMEs

LE RELAIS, Tillieux Menuiserie et Brique Iso from France, IMPERALUM, ARGACOL, MAPEI et AML from Portugal, PREFER, MOBIC, PCIM et ISOHEMP from Belgium, et G&C ARQUITECTOS, URRUTIA, HIRILAN et sare3e from Spain participated as pilot project to integrate the Life Cycle Thinking in their business strategy.

“It will allow us to check our performance and see how we can make our product more competitive in the market”

 Nuno Miranda, Constálica, Portugal

We decided to participate in this project because we are persuaded that Life Cycle Analysis tools will become increasingly important in the future, particularly in tender specifications.

Julie Maron, MOBIC, Belgique

“I believe that considering the environmental aspects leads to the product improvement as well as promoting the product.”

Margot Moyaux, Brique ISO, France

“We are one of the first companies to have undertaken a third party-verified Environmental Product Declaration with CD2E.”

Alexandre Obert, Le Relais, France

“We understand that it is also a way to position and differentiate ourselves with respect to the mainstream”

Marta González Cavia, G&C, Espagne

Life Cycle Thinking in recycling sector: Experiences with 6 European SMEs

Gecco and Rollgom for France, RUBBERGREEN, PUR VER, ECOCLEANER and PAN-TERRE for Belgium participated as pilot project to integrate the Life Cycle Thinking in their business strategy. 

“The benefit for a company to rely on LCA is to scientifically prove the environmental impact of the whole industry, rather than an altered and incomplete image through marketing.”

Julien Pilette, GECCO, France

“Life Cycle Thinking helps promote the recycling of products for which we ignored the recycling possibilities.”

Grégoire Destailleur, Roll Gom, France

“There is the issue of the Life Cycle Analysis, but also a positive aspect for the company: it can detect problems, improvements to achieve through this analysis, and furthermore it can be a commercial argument or lead to environmental labeling”.

Arnaud de Coninck, RubberGreen, Belgique

Life Cycle Thinking in renewable energy sector: Experiences with 10 European SMEs

Unéole, Heliopac, Quick Power Access  from France, SunOK, APREN, CONSTALICA from Portugal et ARGOLABE, DOMUSA, SAFE IBERICA, ZUNIBAL from Spain participated as pilot project to integrate the Life Cycle Thinking in their business strategy.

“We are looking to add value to our products with an environmental recognition, to help us better reach the market and to differentiate ourselves from competitors.”

Ibone Rodriguez, Zunibal, Espagne

"The purpose of Heliopac, and the challenge we face is to find solutions that keep the same level of comfort while reducing environmental impact."

Mathilde Courbot, Héliopac, France

“The solutions found in the context of such a project are not necessarily more expensive, and in some cases they are cheaper; it's just a question of being more creative”.

Oliveira Martins, SunOK Nuno, Espagne

13 LC Champions coaches those SMEs 

Funded by the LIFE + Programme of the European Union, the Life Cycle in project Practice (LCIP) is led by the Platform [avniR] by cd2e in Hauts-de-France Region and brought in Wallonia by the cluster GreenWin, Spain through the center of strategic thinking and prospective studies Prospektiker and Portugal by the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology of Portugal (LNEG).

These 4 structures have formed "LC Champions," which in turn sensitized, trained and accompanied these 32 SMEs through personalized coaching.

“The keys to succeed in these approaches are to work collaboratively, to seek and be inspired by good examples, work together in companies and not being afraid of asking for support.”

Christian Traisnel cd2e, France

4 country - 3 affected industrial sectors - SMEs mobilized 32 - 1 online resource center

In addition to supporting SMEs, the Platform [avniR] has developed with its partners a multilingual online resource center (FR / EN / ES / PT). The goal is to enable everyone to find strategic resources (tools, training modules, case studies, reference documents, directory of organizations and networks ...) with a selective search by sector to implement Life Cycle Thinking.

“SMEs may have a more limited access to resources, and for them to be able to access online, from their own facilities, this resource center, well I think it is a tool that SMEs will value very positively”

Francisco Campo, IK, Spain