Prospektiker is an independent structure for reflection and foresight analysis focused on both the public and private sectors and dedicated to examining what possible futures await today's world.

Prospektiker's main objectives are to detect the innovations, discover strong tendencies, evaluate possible impacts and take a role of sentry over the key factors for the future. The focus areas of Prospektiker are regional and local development, clean production, training and employment and information services related to the environment.

Although LCA is not Prospektiker's main activity, Prospektiker has been involved and is currently working in several EU projects related to sustainability, the latest of them being Inedic, SInnDesign and TREO. One of Prospektiker's main focus areas are the development of high quality training tools and materials on life cycle approaches, in order to supply the designers, trainers and other professionals with the skills to apply a sustainability strategy and practice in companies and to disseminate this know-how in the education system. Prospektiker is an expert in identifying sustainable training needs, interacting with local and regional actors in the field of sustainability and developing evaluation activities.

Prospektiker is the Spanish Node of the Millennium Project which is a think tank with the aim of promoting the joint reflection of institutions and experts groups about the already identified 15 great challenges which include sustainable development and climate change, at global level.

Prospektiker is also a member of PREPARE, an European network of experts in the field of sustainable consumption and production; in this context is has been involved in thematic groups in the fields of product-service systems and design for sustainability.