Two young Belgian entrepreneurs launch IsoHemp, specialised in the production and commercialisation of hemp-based building blocks.

On October 15th 2014, the young company IsoHemp ( officially inaugurated its factory for the industrial production of hemp-based construction blocks. First imagined in 2012, this innovative company was launched by two young entrepreneurs, still students at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). Two years later, the company already employs 7 people and boasts annual results of 500 000 €!


IsoHemp specialises in the production and commercialisation of innovative and sustainable isolating blocks, composed of lime and hemp. Healthy, local and 100% recyclable products. Hemp-based blocks offer enhanced comfort thanks to 3 technical properties: Thermal regulation is particularly advantageous with hemp blocks, due to the material’s ability to spread the accumulated heat progressively, thus reducing diurnal and seasonal temperature variations. Soundproofing is another powerful feature of hemp blocks, providing sound reductions of between 37 and 45 dB depending on the thickness of material. Finally, hemp blocks are breathable and vapour permeable, thus providing effective air humidity regulation and a healthy living environment, avoiding problems such as housing degradation, bad stenches, development of noxious mushrooms, health problems (particularly for children), and increased heating bills.

Combining local, sustainable and efficient building materials, hemp-based construction materials provide and durable and competitive alternative to traditional building materials.