Call for proposal: the 4th annual [avniR] ecodesign award 2015!

Together with development of new business models, ecodesign based on Life Cycle Management becomes a key tool for innovative sustainable business development. The [avniR] ecodesign award developed in 2012, seeks to mainstream LCM, and to promote the ecodesign expertise and innovation within businesses.

The [avniR] ecodesign award is co-organised by the [avniR] platform by cd2e and CCI Grand Lille, with the support of the Regional Council of Nord-Pas de Calais and the regional delegation of ADEME.


A showcase for companies, and a unique opportunity to highlight         innovations and expertise related to R&D, design, social and environmental aspects.

Key figures:

                    18 winners in 3 editions,

                    25 ecodesign case studies presented in the ecodesign 2014 brochure,

                    21 online videos of the case studies,

                    3 ecodesigned trophies

Among the 18 winners, the 4 rewarded in 2014:

                    Castorama, the Infinite benchtop developed using a circular approach to integrate stakeholders in the design process and improve the life span of the product.

                    Jean Bouteille, a simple, hygienic and secure solution to consume liquid products with minimal waste.

                    CCP composites, the SaintLuc lounge chair made of flax fiber and bio-sources resin composite Enviroguard®; the result of a collaborative ecodesign approach based on Life Cycle Assessment.

                    Tillieux Menuiserie: Tep Tip Reawin windows, an innovative solution for insulating window keeping the architectural charm of the building!


You have an Ecodesign project/product/service you are eager to promote?

Offered to the winners:

                    An expert to help you boosting your eco-design approach and communicate externally,

                    Free membership and access to [avniR] platform in 2016.

The applications will be evaluated by an independent jury of eight experts from the economic, environmental, design and research.


The call is open to all companies regardless of their size. Prizes will be awarded by category: SME (<250 employees) - large companies (> 250 employees).

Complete your online application through!


                    Friday, June 26 - Deadline to send your proposal

                    Thursday, 22 October (subject) - Finalists announced at the World Forum

                    Wednesday, November 4 - Awards during the [avniR] event, a day to adopt ecodesign thanks to forward thinking businesses ecodesign!