The LCiP project’s 3rd Steering Committee was held in Lille on the occasion of the LCA Conference which was organized by avniR on the 5th and 6th of November

The partners of the LIFE+ project, Life Cycle in Practice, gathered together once again to discuss the project’s progress and decide on key aspects about the future steps. The project is led by the French cd2e- avniR who were the hosts this time as well as last year. GreenWin from Wallonia, LNEG from Portugal and Prospektiker from the Basque Country traveled to Nord-Pas de Calais to attend the Project’s Steering Committee as well as the LCA Conference.

During the Steering Committee which lasted 3 days, the partners had the opportunity not only to meet each other but also to restructure the actions of the project according to the progress and make decisions by consensus on certain activities. The maturity assessment results are about to be launched and it is now the time for training and informing SMEs and LC practitioners about the benefits of implementing Life Cycle Approaches.

On the other hand, the fourth edition of the [avniR] Conference was a real success with nearly 400 participants representing 30 countries. The Conference brought together experts, scientists, businesses and policy makers from a wide range of sectors: textiles, construction, food, transportation, etc.. During these two days the latest scientific advances were shared and exchanged and companies, including SMEs, were informed about the challenges of the Life Cycle Thinking and Life Cycle Assessment.